Do we accept appliances?

Yes, Rakowski does recycle appliances containing metal we accept fridges, stoves, washers and dryers.


Is there an easy way to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals?

Yes, ferrous metals are magnetic and will therefore be attracted to a magnet.  Non-Ferrous metals are generally non-magnetic examples being copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.


Will I receive more for my material if I separate them?

Yes, anytime items need to be sorted or processed to remove contaminants its value is reduced.


Can anyone bring scrap in to Rakowski Recycling?

Yes, we accept small and large loads.  Everyone is welcome.  Why pay a landfill when you can get cash in your pocket$.


Do you pick up scrap?

Yes, please call the office at 204-231-4050 for bin sizing and pricing.



Can the general public bring in wood?



Can I bring shrubs, trees or brush?

No, Rakowski does not accept yard waste, green trees and brush


Can I bring in rail ties?

No, Rakowski does not accept treated wood products.


Is there a charge for wood drop off?

No, the accepted material is free for drop off.


Do I need to take out the nails from material?

No, nail and small metal pieces are separated during the recycling process


Do you supply bins for wood material?

Yes, you can call the office 204-231-4050 for a quote.



Can the general public bring in concrete?



If the concrete has steel in the material do I need to remove it?

No, concrete with steel is accepted and will be separated during the recycling process


Is there a charge to drop off material?

No, the material is accepted at no charge. Provided it is less than 2ft x 2ft in size.


Do you accept mud concrete mixed with mud?

No, we accept concrete material only. Excessive mud and dirt mixed in the concrete is not accepted.